Your Guide To Flawless Makeup

flawless makeup tips by Jitin Rathore

Your Guide To Flawless Makeup

Flawless makeup is supposed to enhance your features and make you look beautiful. While this was the basic definition of the term back in the time, people these days are deviating towards overdoing it rather than going for flawless makeup. How many times have you wondered after looking at a pretty face and feeling disappointed with how ugly the makeup has transformed that face into? Probably it has become a trend these days with the outrageous makeup adorned by celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Nicky Minaj. However, we forget the difference between a music video and real life. While it may look uber cool with all the light flashes, top-notch cinematography and staged background or sets, it can look equally weird in a normal day-to-day life or even at a splashy evening out.

Here are a few tips to help you out with flawless makeup:

Nude HD Powder

1) Try using a nude HD powder. Most of the women like to use a tinted powder, but you should remember that the colorless one is not detectable. If you use it on only the areas where you get shiny, it can offer you better results. Calvin Clein quotes, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” With too much makeup, that is noticeable by people around you, you really ruin the entire point of it.

Step Back From The Bronzer

2) Step back on that bronzer. Jennifer Lopez brought that trend more than a decade ago. It’s high time you go easy on it. In fact, you can have great results if you replace it with a faint blush.  Consider easing out on it and the results will be flawless makeup!

Use Less Shimmer

3) Shimmer can enhance or degrade your entire makeup. Be careful with it and stop flaunting it everywhere. Shimmer works best in yellow lights and indoor parties.

 After Makeup Face Mist

4) Add a facial mist to your makeup kit. Use it as the final step to eliminate the powdery look. It will keep your makeup fresh and radiant. No dryness or cracks. In fact, it leaves a soothing fragrance on and around your face, which eventually adds grace.

That said, you need to stop being greedy about highlighting your features. Just mark it in your notes that it can be either your eyes or your lips. Highlight the one you desire. If you go for both, the results can be catastrophic unless you are trying to achieve a really dramatic look for a stage play.

Remember that creating a balance can enhance your beauty a thousand times, but an overdone makeup can be extremely embarrassing.


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