Summer Makeup & Beauty Routine by Jitin Rathore

Summer makeup and beauty routine: It is advisable to switch makeup routine & try new products that are best suited to weather conditions. Here are the Tips.

Summer Makeup & Beauty Routine by Jitin Rathore

With every new season it is advisable to switch makeup routine and try out new products that are best suited according to the weather conditions.In summer beauty routine, natural is the new flavor of the season, with summer in full swing, the more natural the look is the more comfy and trendier it is. A recent survey about what women are looking for this summer suggested that 65% of them want a summer makeup that looks like they are actually not wearing any makeup but just so happen to have the perfect sun kissed glow. This season is all about a little dewy finish and mixing edgy with elegant. Also, nude is the new summer makeup routine

Here are a few quick tips for a daily and perfect Summer makeup and beauty routine:

• To achieve a perfect day look just use a lightweight moisturizer which has SPF (an everyday must!)let it stay for 2-3 minutes just so the skin absorbs it well. The most basic but important summer beauty routine. It saves the skin from burning tanning under the merciless sun due to the presence of SPF agent.
• Second step is to add the illuminating primer which evens out the skin, covers all the patches and creates a flawless texture.
• The third step is to apply a serum based foundation it is mandatory for the sheen finish also it creates an even layer, applying a serum based foundation really adds to the glow as it hydrates the skin from within. In Summer beauty routine, hydration is kept as the top most priority.
• Next is to dab on a bit of under eye concealer. It is advised to warm the fingertips first as it helps in the application process and it glides on very smoothly.
• After a nice glowy base is done a little cream blush on cheeks not only adds color to the cheeks but also gives a look of well chiseled face
• For eyes use a cool pastel shade eye shadow and glide a stroke of gloss over it for a glossy finish, and
• end the process with a spritz of hydrating mist which sets everything and also refreshes the skin and maintains that dewy look.

It is an absolute must to adapt to a summer beauty routine in view of the rising temperatures and pollution.
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