Quintessential Makeup Hacks for Summer

Quintessential Makeup Hacks for Summer

In the scorching heat of summer, it is an excellent idea to let go of a little makeup. “Nude shades and almost bare, sun kissed skin is the way to go unless you are attending an extravagant event,” says JitinRathore, a renowned makeup artist from New Delhi, India.

The following 5 make up hacks can help you stay fresh and beaming when the mercury shoots up high:

Rose Water is Essential

It has been used for as long as one can remember for the excellent hydrating and soothing abilities. In addition, it is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic. A few sprays keep your skin fresh and cool. It also moisturizes your skin without making it oily.

Makeup Hacks for Summer

A Little Foundation can make the Difference

We would like you to steer away from the full-coverage foundations. Pick up a lightweight foundation and it can save you from being a hot mess. A decent foundation will have antioxidants fortified into the base and that is what you should be looking for.

Brighten Up Your Skin with a Highlighter

Make sure that you are using a cream based formula because they are lightweight and provide a decent sheen while also accentuating your bone structure. If your highlighter is glittery, you may want to wrap it up until the winters.

Flaunt those Gorgeous Eyes with Pastel Shades

Use only cream eyeshadows in the summer if you want to achieve a crease-free look. Try using a brush instead of your fingers to spread evenly and do not overdo it. Pastel shades work really well in summers and anything close to vivid colors is a strict no.

Big Bold Lashes are Trendy

Summer offers you a great opportunity to lash up to the max. Buy a decent waterproof mascara and go crazy with your lashes because big and bold ones look uber cool with almost any summer outfit.

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