Mask it out- Anytime, anywhere

Mask it out- Anytime, anywhere

Everyone wants radiant, flawless skin without putting much of the effort and wasting much of the time and money, so here’s to your rescue some DIY face masks that I personally approve. For me masks have always been a big yes. Going all natural is all you need to do because the natural it is the better it is.

  • Coconut oil and honey

The ingredients in this face mask are so beneficial yet easily accessible. Both these ingredients are full of antimicrobial properties also they moisturize skin from within while fighting with impurities deep down and adding a glow that everyone notices.

  • Coffee mud mask

Only three inexpensive ingredients can fulfill the purpose.  Fuller’s clay, ground coffee and apple cider vinegar.  Clay infuses your skin with rich and important minerals that enhance body enzyme production, coffee on the other side acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant source and exfoliator. The third ingredient(apple cider vinegar) is a magic product packed with anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Egg white mask

Only ingredient required in this mask is egg white. It is beneficial to the skin in many ways like tightening and toning the skin, shrinking large pores which reduce the surplus of sebum. Also egg whites aid in preserving the moisture and put a brake on skin aging.

  • Cucumber face mask

All that’s required for this mask is cucumber, oatmeal and yoghurt. Cucumber at first place hydrates and softens the skin whilst providing a cool, soothing sensation; oatmeal not only calms the skin but also reduces pore size. When used with cucumber, oatmeal will help retain moisture for that dewy appearance. Yoghurt the third ingredient is rich in lactic acid that helps to smooth rough, dry skin while dissolving dead skin and reducing enlarged pores.

Beat the heat while masking it out.

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