Jitin Rathore: Makeup Classes from the best Makeup Artist

Jitin Rathore Makeup Classes

Jitin Rathore: Makeup Classes from the best Makeup Artist

Aiming to become a Make-up Artist – Get Trained from Jitin Rathore himself and master the skill of Makeup Artistry through his makeup classes in Delhi.

And looking for someone to train you by making you understand the minutest of the things which matter the most, then read on as Jitin Rathore Makeup Studio, Unisex Salon and Academy, which is considered as one of the best beauty training institute in Delhi. You can count on the academy’s infrastructure for makeup classes and get trained under the guidance of Jitin Rathore himself. Not only that, being close to the tinsel town of bollywood, he brings in innovative technologies which helps the trainee to get hands on expertise while they learn under the experts. Here is what you should know as an intern if you are aiming to make your career in the field of makeup:

Capability to decide which Makeup suits whom:

The first skill which a Makeup artist requires is the vision to portray their client with a new look within minutes. The change, transformation and moreover the changed look can backfire at you, in case the makeup is not done according to the suitability of skin or texture. For example a person with a T-zone cannot be transformed with heavy makeup. A light makeup taking away the focus from nose and forehead is what the makeup prefers, that is one which defines eyes more than other parts of the face. Jitin Rathore, teaches these basics as the stepping stone in his makeup classes.

The understanding of shades for different skin colors

Being a Makeup artist is quite a job, in case you are someone who is a perfectionist and can combine and contrast the shades of makeup palette according to the skin color. You cannot count on dark and bold makeup on people on the darker side, while a pinkish makeup goes hung-ho on a white color complexioned person. At Jitin Rathore Makeover Salon, he always recommends to train freshers upon the advanced techniques and suggest various methods testing the color of the skin as well as other important features. Learn these techniques with Jitin at his makeup classes.

Choosing the right Base

A right makeup can turn a “beast into god”, but a fresher needs to understand and focus upon the aspects of learning when it comes to create the base of the make-up. From selecting a base foundation matching with the skin tone to the concealer and from choosing the the technique to be worked upon to clear the scars and blemishes is what helps a makeup artist create their name in the industry. Generally, best beauty training institutes are known to impart this technique of creating the right base to apply makeup, so that you can put makeup industry on fire.

The above mentioned things seems to be really small, but are of utmost importance for a make-up artist as a flawless makeup can add oomph into your personality, while in a messed up one can create a sorry state which you need to regret for almost the lifetime. At Jitin Rathore’s Academy, he makes sure that the training imparted to the novices should be in such an informal way that they feel comfortable from the very first day, while handling the brush strokes with confidence. Write your story in confidence and become a popular Makeup Artist in Delhi, when your foundation is laid at Jitin Rathore Makeup Studio, Unisex Salon and Academy through the highly coveted makeup classes.

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