7 tips to do light makeup just perfectly

Light Makeup to be the safe bet for any occasion which needs you to be well groomed.

7 tips to do light makeup just perfectly

2018, is definitely an year when nude makeup will be in, hence common people as well as best makeup artists are also considering light makeup to be the safe bet for any occasion which needs you to be well groomed.  Jitin Rathore has created his name over the time for its tips in the makeup industry, hence today Jitin Rathore also prefers going for light makeup application when it comes to getting ready for a celebration. Here are 7 tips to do light make up just next to perfect:

Tip 1: Hydrate and Exfoliate:

Putting make-up on can dry out your skin, making It look unprofessional, hence make sure to hydrate it before you start application of makeup. Lotions can make your skin smooth and sound.

Tip 2: Lightly apply on eye shadow.

From light blue to profound dark colored, the most secure approach is with shading coordinating your skin tone. For the full look, put your medium shade on simply your top, at that point clear darker shading crosswise over wrinkle; at that point clean the lightest shade in your internal eye corners and underneath your eyebrow.

Tip 3: Hydrate your Lips:

You wouldn’t need your lips to go exposed and dried out! Purchase a Chapstick Classic to hydrate your lips as well as, the flavors are super yummy! Delicate Lips are additionally magnificent; they have yummy flavors and are tinted. Lip Smackers work marvelous, as well! I propose you wear a decent lip salve underneath your shine for additional care and delicateness.

Tip 4: Wear a matching Lipstick:

Lipsticks are less clear and metallic than this. Put on an unmistakable or light lip gleam to feature your regular shading. Likewise, go for transparent pinks and corals. Never put on striking hues. Endeavor to search for more normal and stripped tones that match your lip tone well.

Tip 5: Mascara is essential

Mascara is something which helps in giving volume to your eyelashes. Use a special curler to wear curls. Applying mascara to your eyes make them look bigger and beautiful. While Jitin Rathore is a supporter of dusky eye makeup, hence he always recommend to apply 2 coats of mascara, one curling towards upwards another towards the down lashes.

Tip 6: Top it up with black eyeliner:

An eyeliner is a must have in your makeup kit. Light grey eyeliner or black eyeliner can be the handiest tool to compliment a light makeup.

Tip 7: Wash it off all at the end of the day:

This is a real important tip, as whatever sort of makeup you wear for the whole day , Jitin Rathore always advice its client to remove at the end of day as wearing makeup during the night can real be tough on your skin.

The above mentioned makeup tips sound to be real easy, but it’s quite tough to hold your hand when it comes to keep a light hand while doing makeup. Your makeup kit should always be topped with best products with a range of light shades as well as some nude color makeup product too, as the trend is such and light makeup works best when you are attending an occasion such as a farther relative’s function or a college event.

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