Summers are predictable! It always gets worse with time. We get in shape for our summer wardrobes but what about our summer makeup? That tan? Those frizzy and unmanageable hair? That foundation which is scary in actual daylight? That unbearable sweat? We have answers for them all! If Google Knows It, We Know Better. Makeup is way more than your daily lipsticks and eye-liners. It’s like an iceberg which is 30% visible to the eye but it is the rest 70% which matters. Summer vacations are one thing that we look up to but again deciding what to carry becomes a task. Here, we have some useful advices for nailing your summer makeup!


The most common hair issues in summers are the frizz and fall. To get rid of it, stay hydrated. Consume water, fresh fruits and vegetable juice. Make sure enough protein is taken. A regular hair massage will boost the blood flow and help in better growth and lesser hair fall. Learn a minimal yet classy hair style that suits you. French braids or buns go best. Halo braids are good if you prefer a messy look but also want to keep your hair off the face.

During the trips when hair becomes dry, it damages the outermost layer of the hair and leaves a brittle and rough look. Your savior is almond oil before shampoo and an anti-frizz cream afterwards for maximum nourishment as a part of summer makeup regime. Take a hair spa every weekend and always wear a cap in the sun because your hair needs sun protection too.


Looks fade away; it is the personality that matters – agreed. But till the time you have the looks, why not make the most of it and look your best? Some of us are too lazy to take care of the skin because makeup hides it all. But coming to the basics, skin care at night is the most important. Never give up cleansing, toning and moisturizing before bed. Always apply sunscreen before stepping out because it prevent skin burn and damage. It needs to be applied every 2-3 hours.

The best trick for a lasting summer makeup is to keep the skin hydrated. A supple skin will always carry the foundation without breaking it. Always use a primer after moisturizing the skin and let it set in before applying foundation. A mineral based foundation is advised for dry skin, whereas water- based foundation for oily skin. Buff it well into the skin and dab with a translucent powder for long lasting makeup.

Vacation Kit

\If you are a minimalist who does not want to carry many products for summer makeup, go for the basic must-haves such as a hair hydrating serum, a perfume, a light and SPF-equipped liquid foundation, 2 shades of lipstick – a nude color for day and a dark color for nights, a blush which can be turned glossy with a layer of lip balm and can also be used as eye shadow, mascara and a light brown kohl pencil which can work as a brow thickener too!





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