5 Eye Makeup tricks for the beautiful you

Jitin Rathore Shares his tricks for a perfect eye makeup

5 Eye Makeup tricks for the beautiful you

Most of us would agree that in the beauty world, eye makeup is the Holy Grail. Jitin Rathore is amongst the top lot artists who can turn the most common looking eyes to one which can bring the men on knees. However, reaching this place of perfection can be tricky because no two pairs eye are the same, that is why Jitin is considered as the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi. We have broken it down for just about every eye, unique to you. The blog is showcasing 5 tips which can come real handy when you are trying to do eye makeup for yourself:

1. Use the Eyeliner Trick:

If you are amongst those girls who are blessed with Almond-shaped eyes or whether you have hooded, round, wide-set or close-set eye shape, then the eyeliner is something which will work for you just the right way. There are different ways which you can use to enhance the looks of your eyes. You can opt to use the sharpened side of the eyeliner or a gel liner to create a line of dots and then draw it neatly to the upper lash line. The perfect lining is what it adds to the makeup. Jitin, who is considered amongst the top 10 makeup artists in Delhi, suggests eyeliner for every girl who wants to look ravishing.


2. Smudging is Important:

When you are doing eye makeup, make sure to smudge the eye shadow in a proper way. You can opt to blend the dots and create one smooth effective stroke. Anyone who is naïve in smudging can opt to do it with eyeliner, especially with a gel based eye liner. To create a bold statement, use some bright eye shadows which can give an impact of smokey eyes. Smudging can’t go wrong for any sort of eyes. Don’t worry about the shape of your eye or something else; just make sure smudging is done in a proper manner. If you are trying not able to find out the right combination for eye make-up for party, then close your eyes trust coal and liner, and you are all set.


3. Shaping the Eyebrows Perfectly:

Shaping your eyebrows is one of the makeup tricks which you should definitely bank upon when it comes to getting ready for a party. You can start with the tip of the eye and create an arc in whatever direction you feel confident upon. The main focus of shaping the eyebrows is based on how you begin and then reaching to the highest point and then pointing it according to the occasion. Shaping your eyes perfectly can bring in the killing looks which can make you the center of attraction at any event.


4. Kill people with Smokey Looks:

Utilizing a little, level shadow brush, mix out the dark liner from your base lash line with a dim darker shade for included measurement is what you need to get the perfect looks. At that point, smirch for a more serious, smokey impact with the killing looks Include the gold eye shadow shade to the inward corners of your lower lash line also. Swipe a matte bronzer onto cheekbones and a bare lipstick on your lips. At that point top with a gold lip gleam amidst your lips and you’re brilliant truly.


5. Say it all with Mascara

Mascara is one component which you require to create volume to your lashes. If you are someone whose eyes look smaller with makeup, then Mascara can be a life saver, says Jitin who stands tall amongst the best makeup artists in Delhi. Smokey eyes have always been an overall hit concept which has always turned heads during an event or in a party. While others wonder how you can achieve a perfect eye makeup and find it ridiculous to choose products and all, trust Mascara for Volume, Some Bright Colors for Shadows and moreover you will be look awesome.


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